How We Do Business

Triple C Investment Management operates around people.  We feel that customer service is so important and is what sets us apart from the competition.  We believe in the golden rule here at Triple C Investment Management, "Treat others as you expect to be treated."  This is why we are fully devoted to providing renters and homeowners the best real estate experience possible.  We are willing to go the extra mile.  Triple C Investment Management is a one stop shop for all your real estate needs.  Our licensed, trained professional staff is here to help you manage, lease, purchase, or sell your home.  It does not matter whether you are a buyer, seller, renter, or investor.  We will give 110% to make you feel right at home.


Triple C Investment Management provides a complete line of services for the property owner and investor including:
  • Leasing coordination
  • Physical management
  • Contractor management
  • Tenant reference research
  • Tenant communication and negotiation
  • Security and maintenance management
  • Property improvement recommendation and management
  • Marketing of property


Consultation services for property owners are also provided, including rent research, market analysis, and state code compliance information.


  • Set rents correctly to gain maximum occupancy and income.
  • Schedule advertisements to various websites.
  • Interview and screen prospective tenants.
  • Negotiate rental terms with prospective tenants.
  • Secure the tenant.
  • Lease package is executed; collection of security deposit, first months rent, and move in condition form.
  • Security deposit is held in escrow by regulated financial institution.
  • Collect rents from tenants and disburse net proceeds to owner.
  • Contact third party vendor for repairs and maintenance.
  • An emergency phone number is provided to tenants for any unforeseen emergency situation that may arise.
  • Recommendations for improvements and housekeeping that will keep the property competitive in the rental environment in our area.
  • Agent administer lease renewals, renegotiations, and when necessary, terminations.
  • Agent fills out a termination inventory form and an itemized list of damages upon tenant vacating the premises.
  • Agent reimburses Security Deposit, withholding any damages.
  • Agent recommends a rent increase when appropriate.
  • Agent executes a 3-day Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent and/or a 30-day Notice to Quit for Termination of Tenancy, if necessary.


  • Show the rental property.
  • Help the tenant work within a reasonable budget.
  • Advise tenant of their legal rights and obligations as a tenant.
  • Provide an atmosphere for both the landlord and tenant to understand the matters at hand, which will encourage a good and pleasant relationship.
  • Remain non-discriminating due to a person's race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age or handicap.
  • Provide all copies of all leases, security deposit forms, and commencement inventory forms.
  • Inspect the premises prior to the execution of any tenancy to determine the residence habitability at that time.
  • Provide a copy of the move out inventory checklist when applicable.
  • Provide a move out inspection of the premises within a reasonable time period as to not hold up the return of the security deposit or other termination requirements.
  • To keep the rental premises in a state of reasonable repair with owner's consent to certain items of repair, maintenance, and improvements.
  • Provide for all negotiations between tenant and landlord.
  • Provide an office location to deposit rent checks and any other correspondence during reasonable working hours.
  • Provide an emergency phone number to the tenant for any unforeseen emergency situation that may arise.  

Triple C Investment Management has a strict tenant application process. To be considered as a tenant, we require all applicants to provide the following:
  • Each applicant will need to fill out Texas Real Estate 4-page rental application.
  • Applicant is required to provide a credit report, which may be obtained through Tenant Pro, a sophisticated tenant software
  • Applicant will also need to tender a security deposit in the amount of one months rent.  (Additional security deposit may sometimes be required.

We have provided you with the basic rule of screening tenants. We will be happy to help a tenant find suitable rental property and will work with them to the best of our ability as for as qualifying them, the term of the lease and other tenant concerns.


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